Showjumping- & Tradingstable

'Buy your future star!'

We have many talented showjumping & dressagehorses for sale in all age categories. You can find all the horses we have on our website. But before you check them out, we would like to inform you about the features your ideal horse should have and the buying process.

Finding the right horse

Will to please – Horses need to have the right mind set and wants to work out what you want. The horse should please you.

Naturally balanced – Riding is much easier if a horse that is naturally balanced. It will not pull you out of position and is light in your hands.

Size and strength – Make sure that the horse you buy is not to tall or strong for you. You will enjoy riding much more when this is in proportion to your own body.

First impression – Is it love at first sight? If it is for you, it will also be love at first sight for the judges. No horse is perfect so it depends on what you decide what flaws you can live with.

Personality - Find a horse that reflects your personality. For example; if you are a very active person, a more laid back horse may suit you better than a more sensitive horse.

Paces – Your dressage horse should have three solid paces. Better go for a 7 in all paces than an eight trot and a five walk.

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Buying process

Are you interested in one of our horses? We recommend you to come over to our stable and try the horse(s). We offer transportation from the airport to the stable.


All our horses are fully x-rayed. Your potential horse will get a full veterinarian check again on your request.

Questions about one of our horses?

Feel free to contact us for more information. We would be happy to help you.